Pick To Light

PTL (Pick/Put-to-Light) is a standard software package, designed to manage and optimise the picking and sorting of orders within a manual or semi-automated warehouse or distribution centre. PTL displays are used to direct operators to specific locations. Each location has its own numeric display, light and an acknowledgement button. PTL has 2 main applications:


Where Individual products are picked from PTL enabled locations into an order shipping carton. Operators will typically have a picking trolley with one or more shipping cartons on-board. On entering the picking zone, the operator will scan the first shipping carton on the trolley. WCS PTL will immediately light up the locations where picks are required. Each location will display the quantity required. The operator will remove the quantity and place it into the shipping carton before pressing the confirm button and moving on to the next location.


When it is more efficient to bulk pick your products, PTL enabled locations can be used to guide the operator to put stock to an order. The operator will scan each product and light displays at each location will indicate which containers require that product and how many items to put into each.

PTL systems are used where high picking accuracy and speed is required. PTL provides complete stock and user traceability through the systematic auditing of all operator events. As all picks/puts are recorded in real-time, supervisors have an accurate view of order progress through the management screens.