Visualisation - SCADA

A customisable Visualisation tool used to monitor and control a wide variety of material handling equipment. WCS SCADA provides real time views, fault diagnosis and recovery facilities for the equipment under its control. The use of colour provides an instant status check. Zoom-in facilities allow the operator to identify the exact nature of the problem down to the status of individual photo-eyes.

WCS SCADA is a vital tool in the reduction of equipment downtime. Through speedy and accurate diagnosis of faults, WCS SCADA allows maintenance staff to quickly home in on problems.

Extensive enquiries and reports allow users to analyse both the current and historical data to highlight key performance indicators such as:

    • Equipment utilisation

    • Operator / equipment performance

    • SKU throughput statistics

    • SKU distribution & levels

    • Alarm / event statistics

A powerful and yet simple-to-use tool, Visualisation allows you to get the most from your warehouse or production area.