Voice Picking

WCS Voice provides Voice Activated Picking, Replenishment & Stock Checking activities. Using wireless wearable computers, WCS Voice provides a “hands and eyes free” method of working. Voice-driven processes allow workers to focus on completing tasks accurately without having to worry about data entry or paper pick lists.

The supplied headset allows physical tasks to be conducted in parallel to the voice dialogue. Instructions are given verbally allowing the worker to respond through the supplied microphone. Saying a phrase such as “Repeat Location” or “Repeat Quantity” will instruct WCS Voice to repeat the current instruction. Supplementary information such as item description can be requested using a set phrase such as “Give Description”.

Multiple skill levels allow less experienced workers to operate at the same levels of accuracy as experienced ones and feedback of productivity data allows each worker to gauge his or her own performance. WCS Voice can be deployed over conventional RF networks and can be supplied as a standalone product or integrated with other modules from the WCS suite.

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